I have lived an interesting life to date, and it shows no signs of stopping now. From a secondary schooling that created a deep and abiding love of history, I have now spent five and a half years in higher education, studying such varying topics as ancient Greek and Roman warfare, physics, engineering, and the role of cultural subconscious in literature, as seen through vampire literature. I have had the opportunity to learn the Russian language and history of that nation, as well as spend time in Riga, Latvia, as well as St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, all through the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In my personal life I find myself split between the outdoors, and the inside of my mind. I have backpacked at the Boy Scout Philmont Ranch, and nurse deep appreciations for spelunking and whitewater rafting. Since my first novel series in Brian Jacques’ Redwall universe, I have delved into many great works of fiction, including the classic Lord of the Rings, David Weber’s Honor Harrington and Safehold books, the Star Wars Expanded Universe (I am a Legends Loyalist), Taylor Anderson’s Destroyermen series, Tom Clancy’s classic thrillers, and many more besides. My taste in role-playing and strategy video games should then surprise few, from the Deus Ex collection, Mass Effect, XCOM, Command & Conquer, and World of Warships (sue me, it’s lots of fun).

When I started this blog, one of the original aims was keep my writing skills sharp. Now the posts have achieved a broad range of topics, and I maintain my interests in common sense, rationality, the power of science, and the drive of humanity to its full potential. I am very much interested in international and defense related affairs, the future of technology, and the power of epic story-telling, particularly of the fantasy and science-fiction genres.


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